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Parkeerplaats | Oostenburgermiddenstraat

No more driving around in the evening looking for a parking space?

Parking garage located at the J. Bontiusplaats on Oostenburg near Central Station. The parking garage was built to meet the need for people who live in the area and/or to be able to park their car immediately.

The access to the garage is closed by gates and doors. So you only have access to the garage if you have an access pass.


– The prices as mentioned on the website are exclusive of VAT and service costs

– If you rent a parking space at AHAM Vastgoed, you must pay a deposit for the means of access (pass/transmitter/key) of the parking garage

– When entering into the rental contract, we charge a one-time administration fee of € 62.50.

– the minimum rental period is 3 months and will then be terminated by the tenant and landlord with due observance of 1 month.

– An annual rent indexation will take place


Are you interested in this parking space? Please contact us on telephone number 020-5244322.