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SAS-P does not consider unsollicited proposals. The SAS-P foundation may seek advice from third parties regarding your application, without prior consultation, subject to confidentiality.

Renting for a good cause

St Antonius Stichting Projects (SAS-P) is a philanthropic foundation. SAS-P funds initiatives that unleash the potential of people living in poverty to make a sustainable shift to better socio-economic circumstances for them and their families.

SAS-P supports a number of organizations that have a strong track record in improving education, access to safe and affordable homes and improving health for people living in poverty in Sub Sahara Africa. We are grateful for their achievements in substantially improving health, education and safer and affordable housing for millions of people living in poverty.

Board members

  • M. Schneiders
  • F. Hei
  • M. Wilms
  • H. van Stokkom
  • P. Compernolle

General Management and contact person

Portfolio Administration


Sint Antonius Stichting Projecten
Sarphatistraat 370, A9
1018 GW Amsterdam

KvK Amsterdam – 74535641


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SAS-P collaborates with various funds and is a member of Big Bang Philanthropy