Who does what

There may sometimes be uncertainty as to which repairs are to be carried out by the landlord, and which repairs you, the tenant, have to carry out yourself. This is laid down in law in the “Minor Repairs Decree”, which lays down exactly who is responsible for what. For more information concerning this decree, please visit wetten.nl.

The tenant and the landlord are jointly responsible for maintaining the accommodation. AHAM Vastgoed, on behalf of the landlord, takes care of the major maintenance of your accommodation and its surroundings. You, the tenant, are responsible for carrying out the minor daily maintenance of the rented accommodation. You are also responsible for repairing any damage that you have caused.

Service Subscription

AHAM Vastgoed offers the tenant the opportunity to take out a Service subscription. If you opt for a maintenance subscription, some of the maintenance tasks, for which the tenant is responsible in accordance with the Minor Repairs Decree, will be carried out by and on behalf of the landlord.

If you have not yet taken out a Service subscription with us, you can, of course, always request this. The monthly Service subscription fee amounts to €7.77 (price as per 1 January 2018).

The service subcription information brochure contains a clear overview of the maintenance tasks to be carried out by the landlord or the tenant, and which maintenance tasks are covered by the Service subscription.

Service Charges

The tenant is responsible for certain service charges. Given that these are communal charges, such as the communal lighting in the stairwell, the landlord makes a charge for these costs. The service charges also include an amount for glazing insurance. This insurance provides cover for glass breakages both inside the accommodation and for the glazing that forms part of the outside walls of the accommodation, except in cases of inherent defects and imputable fault.

The service charges are included in the tenancy agreement, and these are connected to a deposit that is settled every year in arrears.

Damage to the interior or the exterior accommodation

We assume that you very much enjoy living in your accommodation. We do our very best to ensure that it is to your liking. As a tenant, you also have personal liability and an excess. You can cover your liability by taking out an extensive contents and liability insurance.

Your accommodation may suffer damage. There are different types of damage that may have different causes. The party liable for the costs will depend on the case. You, yourself, may have to pay for the damage caused to your accommodation. For example, the occupier is, in principle, liable for damage caused to ceilings, walls, your floor covering and furniture – caused by any circumstance. You can take out certain types of insurance to cover yourself against these risks.

AHAM insures the buildings against storm, water and fire damage. Please report this damage to us as soon as possible. You must also make every endeavour to limit the risk of any damage as much as possible.