Cancelling the tenancy

What is the notice period? 

The period of notice is one month. You may give notice on any day of the month, except at weekends or public holidays. For example, if we receive your tenancy agreement cancellation on the 20th of the month, then the last day of the tenancy agreement will, at the earliest, be the 20th of the following month. If this day falls on a weekend or a public holiday, the tenancy agreement will terminate on the next working day. You may opt for a longer period of notice (max. 3 months).

You may use this form to cancel the tenancy agreement. When duly completed, sign this form and send it by registered letter FAO AHAM Vastgoed [Real Estate], afdeling Commercie, Postbus 15563, 1001 NB Amsterdam. It is also possible to send the cancellation confirmation by email to Please keep in mind that you are responsible for ensuring that we have received the cancellation in good order and that you have received a confirmation of this.

What are the requirements with regard to your tenancy cancellation form?

The tenancy cancellation form must be duly completed and signed by all of the tenants before we can process the cancellation.

What happens after your tenancy cancellation? 

Within a few working days from the date of receipt, you will receive confirmation of your tenancy cancellation by post. This will state the last date of your tenancy and a suggested date for the first and final inspection.

handover guidelines


First and Final Inspection of the Rented Accommodation

Have you cancelled your tenancy agreement? Before you can hand in the keys to us, we jointly make the arrangements for the handover at the time of the first inspection, and we check these at the time of the final inspection on the last day of your tenancy.

Handover Arrangements

The first inspection will take place as soon as possible from the date of receipt of your tenancy cancellation. During this first inspection, our member of staff will inform you of the condition in which the accommodation must be left. Any works which you have to perform prior to handover must be laid down in an inspection form. After having signed the inspection form, you will receive a copy of the form. You will then have time until the final inspection to repair any potential defects, and to remove any equipment you may have installed. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to discuss the possibility of any items to be taken over if the rented accommodation is being re-let. The first inspection will take place on a working day between 9.00 and 17.00 hrs and will take 30 min. up to 1 hr.

Final Inspection

The final inspection will take place on the last day of the tenancy, between 9.00 and 17.00 hrs. This visit will take approx. 30 min. Our member of staff will check whether you are leaving the accommodation in the condition as agreed. You will be expected to leave the accommodation in clean, empty condition, without any damage, and that you have taken care of all of the points mentioned on the inspection form. If the condition of the rented accommodation is fully compliant, you may hand in the keys, and this then completes your tenancy agreement. If there are still defects present, you can still remedy these. This may postpone the final date of the tenancy, and you will have to pay a few days’ extra rent. It may also be possible that AHAM Vastgoed [Real Estate] will repair the defects, and that they will charge you for the costs incurred, and/or they may deduct the costs from your deposit.

Final settlement

As soon as the tenancy agreement is terminated and you have left the accommodation, you will receive a final statement from us. Our financial department provides an overview of any costs that you still have to pay after the delivery which will be deducted from the security deposit.

You receive: The deposit, any excess rent paid.
You pay: Repair costs at the end of the tenancy, any unpaid claims.

It may take max. 3 months before you receive the final statement. In most cases, you will receive the final statement within 6 weeks from the end of the tenancy.

Landlord statement

A landlord statement is often requested when looking for new rented accommodation. You can request a landlord statement from us. In this landlord statement, AHAM Vastgoed [Real Estate] will state on behalf of the landlord whether there have been rent arrears, nuisance or housing fraud over the last 2 years.

You can e-mail the request for the landlord statement directly to our rental department at or request it by using the contact form.