Registration amendment

Use of the accommodation

The rented accommodation must be used as the tenant’s main residence. Any other type of use without the prior written permission of the landlord is prohibited.

It is expressly prohibited to allow any third party to use the rented accommodation in any way, and/or to perform any activity there prohibited by law and/or the agreements as laid down in the tenancy agreement.

On behalf of the landlord, AHAM Vastgoed conducts a policy to actively detect any such infringement.

Partial Rent Cancellation

You have jointly rented accommodation, and one of the tenants leaves the rented accommodation due to certain circumstances. In order to be discharged from your liability arising from the tenancy agreement, you must submit an application to AHAM Vastgoed.

AHAM Vastgoed will assess whether the remaining tenant can continue to rent the accommodation based on their own income, and whether there are/have been any rent arrears. If we agree, it may be possible to draw up an appendix to the original agreement, which has to be signed by both the tenants and AHAM Vastgoed.

The administration charge for processing a partial rent cancellation is €125,00 per amendment (as per 1 January 2021).

Adding a Tenant

AHAM Vastgoed does not add any tenants to the agreement. A person is ipso jure a co-tenant in the event of a registered partnership or marriage. In the event of the death of the main tenant, the landlord will then examine if the person remaining is entitled to the rented accommodation.


If you wish to co-habit*, you will always be obliged to continue to reside at the accommodation yourself, and to have your main residence at that address. If you fail to do so, you effectively relinquish the use of the accommodation, which will result in the dissolution of the tenancy agreement. It is prohibited to sub-let the accommodation, either in whole or in part, and/or to allow it to be used, or to cause any nuisance.

*Definition of co-habitation: This must be a case of a permanent jointly run household.

Extended Absence?

If you temporarily leave your social housing, private sector accommodation or independent accommodation:

  • Extended stay abroad (related to work or education)

You may apply for temporary sub-letting. Please contact us for the relevant terms and conditions. In the case of social housing, you must inform the Local Council for any additional terms and conditions.

Subletting rooms

Subletting your accommodation to a third party (also referred to as subletting out rooms or taking in lodgers) is expressly prohibited. Even short-term letting to tourists (e.g. Airbnb) is prohibited. Holiday letting causes great nuisance to local residents (wheeled suitcases on the stairs and late-night parties). In addition, this poses an extra risk of damage to the accommodation.

We perform strict controls on the letting of rooms. If you let out rooms, we may terminate your tenancy agreement and you may incur a hefty fine. This applies to our social housing and to the private rental sector. In addition, the municipality imposes high fines on this type of rental, which will be passed on to the tenant(s).