What is an emergency? A gas leak, power cut, burst water pipe, leaks, fire, storm damage and other faults that could create an acute hazard or result in major damage.

For central heating faults, please contact our contracting party directly. See the contact details under ‘Central heating fault’ below.

Who does what? Servicecharge, maintenance and liability

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Emergency, Central Heating Fault or Blocked Pipework?

Repair Request

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During business hours:

From Monday to Friday between 8.30-17.00 hrs, please contact our maintenance department by:

Phone: 020 52 443 24
E-mail: ond@aham.nl

Central heating fault

If the central heating system is faulty, please contact the installer in charge of the maintenance contract for your system.
If necessary, check the sticker on the central heating boiler and/or your tenancy agreement.

For Amsterdam, Haarlem, Hilversum, Beverwijk, Den Helder and Amstelveen You can call Vos CV: 020 47 141 51

For Zeewolde, Almere en Lelystad You can call Breman Service Lelystad: 0900 82 121 74

For Doetinchem You can call Romijnders Wijchen: 024 64 88 222

For Kerkdriel You can call Kemkens Gasservices: 088 50 503 30

For Barneveld You can call Van Zandbrink Installatiewerk:
033 49 413 46

Blocked Pipework

The tenant is responsible for unblocking and keeping the interior drainage system clean and free from any obstructions up to the point where the pipework of the rented living accommodation connects to the municipal drains or to the main drains, providing these drains are accessible to the tenant.

For blocked drains you can call a drains unblocking company, such as:

Buunk Ontstoppingsdienst [Unblocking Service] for North Holland and Flevoland. 088-2981669

Out of business hours:

In case of an emergency out of office hours, please contact the 24 hr helpdesk by dialling: 0251-263401.

WARNING! If the repair appears not to have been urgent, you will be charged for the extra emergency costs incurred. If it appears that the tenant is liable for the costs, you will be charged the full amount.