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AHAM Vastgoed manages property portfolios for third parties and is involved in the purchase, sale and operation of properties around the Netherlands. The biggest property portfolio that the company manages consists of property owned by J.H.F. Schopman en Zonen B.V. The original Mr. Schopman started in 1906 to develop the portfolio as it exists today. It consists of approximately 2,500 leasable units, including residential properties, shops, offices and business complexes. We are very proud of the exclusive nature of our residential properties and their beautiful locations. Why not see and experience them for yourselves?

Sint Antonius Stichting

Renting a property and supporting a good cause at the same time: AHAM Vastgoed is a consolidated company, fully owned by the Sint Antonius Stichting (Sint Antonius foundation). For many years now, this foundation has been supporting projects with a direct link to the improvement of education, living conditions and healthcare in Africa, Asia and South America. All of the revenue generated by the property portfolio benefi ts these good causes. By renting and/or leasing and/or working with us, you are doing this too. It’s as simple as that and very rewarding.

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AHAM Vastgoed BV. is property manager of the real estate portfolio of J.H.F. Schopman en Zonen BV with approximately 2,500 rentable units including homes, shops, offices and business complexes. The largest part of the portfolio are residential, some monumental, and within the ring road of Amsterdam. With its own technical department for designing and carrying out renovations, a maintenance department for administrate daily repairs of the rented units, a financial department for processing the cash flow and a rental department for the mutating properties. We are specialized in many aspects of real estate with a small and dedicated team and try to implement effective policies through short lines.

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